What people are saying…

Melanie thinks “outside of the box” and continuously impresses with her commitment to her role with her innovative marketing ideas. She is capable of representing a company at the highest level with results that would make her an asset to any employer.

Wendy Couch, Business Development Director

Melanie has spent the past 15 years building her knowledge and expertise in the digital space surrounding PR and marketing. She was there when most of us were still scratching our heads wondering what to do. She has insight that will serve any client or employer.

Bill Sledzik, KSU Public Relations Professor

Melanie has extensive knowledge and expertise in the digital space surrounding PR and marketing. The level of intensity and passion Melanie brought to the table when working on projects was like no other. Today I continue to seek out Melanie’s advice on project and consulting opportunities, and especially when I need help trying to come up with creative marketing ideas and new initiatives. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for advice or opportunities on how to grow a new business or evolve an existing one.

Brian Sekerak, Global E-Business Digital Marketing & Web Analytics Professional

I’ve worked and been associated with Melanie for more than a decade and most of my knowledge in the SEO space came from her. She was way ahead of the curve and continues to understand the growth and direction of the space and how to collect and analyze data. Anyone who needs to understand the SEO environment, how to back-end websites or get creative ideas on communication campaigns and strategy should reach out to Melanie for guidance.

Tony Santana, Manager, Inside Sales Reps at PR Newswire

Melanie is an experienced SEO writer who understands the scope and opportunities of the interactive realm and delivers for clients. Melanie’s work is always on-target and on-time. She is a talented writer and master of the digital space.

Bob Clancy, Freelance Creative/Copy Services

I started working with Melanie almost a year to this date on a concept idea I had for improving business communication in education. Before I started my search for the right company to work with I knew it needed to be someone who was a real expert in everything “social media” and “social interaction” and Melanie has absolutely surpassed all my expectations. She is creative and knowledgeable in many areas of marketing, easy to work with and takes ownership of your project. I would recommend her — hands down — to anyone who needs the best and most affordable marketing expert to work with.

Jorge Hernandez, Business Development Professional

Everything about Melanie’s approach to her work demonstrates her passion for writing. Whether she is writing optimized content to increase organic search results or developing product and marketing copy to attract and convert customers, she approaches her writing with a desire for quality and results. Her diverse background and work experience provides her with the ability to see an opportunity or project from multiple perspectives. Her value to a project team and an organization is evident each time she engages a client and delivers work.

Jansen Meyers, Partner / Director at Centric Consulting

Melanie’s expertise with social media and her out of the box thinking provide a vehicle to help young professionals shape goals and values at the beginning of their careers, and seasoned professionals such as myself, continue to grow and evolve. I continually look to her for counseling and advice on my own career, and enthusiastically send friends and family her way as they get started on their own professional journeys.

Tony Iero, Sales Director at Virtual Hold Technology

Melanie was very knowledgeable and thorough in all of the projects we had worked on at Rosetta. She has a great understanding of the internet and search engine optimization. Melanie is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.

Christopher Zwisler, owner + coo – INTERACTIVIZE

Melanie was very important to our committee as an SEO pro. She helped guide our efforts and explained all the tech stuff to our group. Very team oriented. Super attitude. I would work with Melanie any time!

Joe Carleo, APR, English, Spanish and French accredited PR pro/Telly award-winning TV producer.